Proper Orange™

Noun Prop·er Or·ange | (/ˈpräpər/ /ˈärənj/)

Definition: Proper Orange is comprised of a dozen business & technology experts who deliver company building as a service (CBaaS). Each with years of C-level experience, the company’s principals never lost their passion for doing the work or the desire to delve into the nitty-gritty.

The ultimate “one-stop shop” for building or scaling software-heavy businesses, Proper Orange is where opportunity meets action. The principals handle the dirty work: architecting businesses, automating processes, solving problems, scaling operations, implementing solutions. You focus on your deliverable.

Quick Facts
Full Legal Name
Proper Orange, LLC
Elements of Expertise
Product Definition UX/UI Platform Development SaaS Go-to-Market Strategies QA Product Marketing Press/PR Sales Early Stage Operations Documentation AI Corporate Identity  Enterprise Relations Platform Scaling Coding Business Architecture Software Architecture Business Models General Strategy Roadmaps Market Opportunity Analysis
Proper Orange is best applied by passionate individuals and groups who know their markets, and solve a real problem for their respective buyers.


You could hire multiple one-off service providers. You could build your own C-level team in-house. But why not hire a successful C-level team that already exists?

With Proper Orange, you gain up to a dozen experts across multiple disciplines that already work well together. It doesn’t hurt that they’re the more affordable option, too.

And for a select few companies who pass the vetting process, the Proper team provides their time and services as a non-equity investment. You can stop raising money. You can start working with Proper Orange to build or scale your business as quickly as next Monday. More on Proper Orange Select


Proper Orange is basically a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution, an adaptable package to fit specific business. UX firm. Marketing agency. Law office.* PR company. Software development shop. Proper Orange is all this and more. Or less. Depending on what your business needs.

Fig. 1 Visualization of how Proper Orange’s product management services support its marketing and PR strategies and then feed into an early stage sales strategy.
Fig. 2 Visualization of how Proper Orange’s legal and CFO services support the creation of documentation, protection of IP, and introduction to enterprise contacts.
Fig. 3 Visualization of how Proper Orange’s programming services take into account usability and business scalability to support long-term growth
* Legal services are billed separately

The Proper Story

All twelve of Proper Orange’s principals are either invested in angel groups or involved with venture capital firms as advisors. All twelve are leaders in the start-up community. They have done everything from drawing the first sketch of a business to negotiating a successful exit, and every step in between.

So they have a deep understanding of the difficulties that founders face, especially when it comes to finding a team of qualified people to run their tech business.

"Proper Orange was formed to provide an alternative path for entrepreneurs, an alternative way to build up a team, and a new way of funding software-heavy businesses."

Work with the Proper team to build a scalable organization. Hit the ground running immediately. You’ll plug into a pre-built team that has the experience you need. The cost is far less than building your own team, so you may only need to raise a small amount of money. And the Proper team will ensure you invest in the right resources, so you avoid problems as you grow.

Proper Orange Select™

Over and over, the Proper principals saw the same story. An entrepreneur trying to find money. Researching to find the right group. Giving presentations. Repeating those presentations. Going through callbacks. Giving even more presentations. It becomes a full-time job.

And it takes a roughly a year, on average, to raise money. Lost time that could have been spent building and refining the product, talking to customers, and forming a strong organization.

For a select number of businesses each year, there is an alternative. Proper Orange can provide time and services as a non-equity investment and gets paid through a later stage revenue share model.

Skip the line. Start building your product today with an experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable team by your side.

Case Studies

Here’s how different organizations have used Proper Orange’s services:

  • Start with a trusted energy efficiency company breaking into a new market. Melt in Proper Orange to generate a cloud-based software architecture with mobile data collection.
  • Begin with a team of nutrition researchers and their wellness app. Add a few ounces of Proper Orange for thorough QA testing, usability advice, and a two-prong B2B/B2C social media marketing plan.
  • Start with a bunch of scientists and their software for improving lab operations. Dissolve in Proper Orange to crystallize a fresh brand identity, efficient CRM system, and a solid business plan for the road ahead.
  • Take a handful of highly accomplished doctors and their medical software prototype. Combine with Proper Orange to create documentation, test for functionality, improve usability, and stabilize the project for scalability.
  • Begin with two veteran college admissions counselors seeking a new method for sharing their expertise. Mix in Proper Orange’s technical team to produce an innovative, in-browser assistant for the Common Application™.
Respect for Proper Clients' Privacy
Proper Orange values their clients and respects their privacy. So while they often can’t “name names,” here are some of the types of personalities and businesses that work with their team.
  • Startups with 1-25 employees
  • International government agencies
  • Product developers with nationally recognized brands
  • Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winning creatives
  • Top video game developers
  • Research groups from MIT and Harvard
A Sampling of Results
  • Raised $7.4m in crowdfunding over the past 12 months
  • Built a complete inbound strategy on a $25K budget
  • Built a complete SaaS business from 1st idea to production in less than nine months
  • Used a medical device in a new way to gain lots of national coverage
  • Regularly receive coverage from the most viewed media outlets in the world

What's in a Color?

Orange is confident, cheerful, and sociable. It inspires, vitalizes, and stimulates. Orange is optimistic and fun and willing to take risks. It’s determined. It’s successful. It possesses the energy of creation.

That’s the Proper Orange team in a nutshell.. Orange is the color of their values and their personalities.

And they love the fact that you only get orange by mixing two other colors – because their strength comes from combining their unique perspectives.

Approximate Position of Proper Orange

Approximation of spectral colors on a display results in somewhat distorted chromaticity.

Proper Orange
RGB (Hexadecimal)
RGB 0÷255
235, 89, 36
92.2, 34.9, 14.1
0, 62, 85, 8
16°, 83, 53
57, 54.1, 56.9

Some more info about the color itself.

The Proper Location

Stuff was built here
for over 100 years

Roughly halfway between Harvard and MIT, Proper Orange is located in one of the oldest buildings in Central Square. A building with a history of creation and construction.

It started as a factory where artisans crafted pieces of furniture. Today it is home to some of the most creative minds in the City of Cambridge: A portrait photographer whose work has been featured on the cover of The Atlantic. An artist whose sculptures have appeared in renowned restaurants, like Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge.

Proper Orange fits right in.

The Proper team takes the location’s legacy of creation, design, and innovation very seriously. They want to soak it up. And they hope to add to it by harnessing their own creative energies for your business.

For Visitors

The Address
Proper Orange’s address is 686 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139. It is located right above Au Bon Pain in Central Square.
By Car
Click/Tap on the parking icons for more information on street and garage parking close to the office.
By Subway
Proper Orange is located right off of the Central Square t-stop on the Red Line.

Looking for Work Space?

Work directly in the Cultural District in Central Square. Side-by-side with artists and entrepreneurs poised to become the next big thing. Within walking distance of amazing restaurants. Just a few steps away from the Red Line.

And the office space itself is incredible. 5,000 square feet housed in a two-story loft space with a stunning European design. Contact us to schedule a visit.

The Proper Connection

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Patents & Intellectual Property

Cambridge Technology Law provides
Patent Acquisition, Prosecution, and
Strategic Consulting

Cambridge Technology Law is a full service technology law firm that helps portfolio companies in patent, trademark, and copyright research, acquisition, and commercialization; software licensing; trade secret management; strategic consulting; technology transfer and monetization.

Because they work on-site, they get to know your business from the inside out, so they can give business-savvy and cost-effective advice. The firm brings decades of experience, including serving as in-house counsel to companies of all sizes (from start-ups to $1 billion+ firms), balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders, meeting budgets, and focusing on the bottom line.

They translate your ideas into value for your business by overseeing IP portfolio development and management; buying, licensing, and selling technology; and helping you to form strong, functioning collaborations. They believe in careful planning, detailed execution, clear communication, and smart risk-taking.

* Legal services are billed separately

CFO Services

Jeff Maclaren provides CFO services
to small and mid-sized businesses

Jeff Maclaren works closely with Proper Orange to provide CFO services, such as strategic planning and budgeting; cash management; M&A; financial modeling and analysis; risk management and insurance; systems and controls; administrative and human resources management; and facilities planning and acquisition.

With decades of experience providing CFO and COO services to small and mid-sized businesses, Maclaren has a long track record of accomplishments in firms big and small, such as McDonnell Douglas, ITT, Barr Associates, and Williams Advanced Materials.

He specializes in high growth, turn-around, and start-up situations, and is known for his flexibility, creativity, honesty, and strategic thinking.

Fun Facts

  • Proper Orange is located so close to the last subway car on the Red Line that you can come through their door without getting snow on your boots.
  • A mural of the periodic table of programming languages is on their wall. If you can guess their favorite programming language prior to entry, you get an espresso.
  • Cold brew coffee from Beantrust is delivered during the season.
  • The Proper Orange office does not contain a foosball table, ping pong table, or any other type of table with balls. The Proper team considers this their workplace.
  • When you visit, you might hear Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, or Tori Amos playing in the office.
  • If it’s a Thursday, you can bet money you’ll find principals Andreas and Scout hanging out on the floor of Venture Café having a glass of wine.
  • Proper Orange does a lot of pro bono stuff – because of the parties!
  • No rock star developers here; nobody wants their hotel room trashed. (Ninjas need not apply either.) We're keeping it real.

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