SaaS & Platform Development

Providing Software as a Service (SaaS) means offering software that can be accessed anytime, from any location with an internet connection, usually on a subscription model. It can be easy to implement and upgrade, but requires particular care to ensure consistent delivery speeds and robust data security.

Platform Development transforms your base technology or service into a robust, scalable platform that users can rely on 24/7. It creates a foundational framework for offering numerous software products, supporting multiple business models, and responding to changing business logic over time. It includes planning release cycles to avoid downtime, building responsive design and functionality across devices and operating systems, and considering the strategic implementation of APIs and other tools for data transfer and integration. Most importantly, developing a platform means planning for future integration with services and products that don’t exist yet.

Our Approach & Outcomes

We built a complete SaaS platform business, from initial idea to production, in less than nine months. This included crafting the software architecture in consideration of the market opportunity, building upon a product definition that provided clear rationale for a SaaS solution. It also included considering the role of SaaS in the general strategy of the business, and whether white-labeling or licensing the software for use in other markets could be a viable additional revenue streams.