Business Architecture

Business Architecture facilitates a common understanding of the goals and tactics of a company, across all teams working within the business. By clarifying the structure of the business, as well as the relationships between business units, a clearly articulated Business Architecture aligns the goals of all departments and teams to prevent redundant projects and enable effective collaboration.

Our Approach & Outcomes

We take a continuous approach to crafting the architecture of a business. This process is clearly essential for startups building out their team and delineating roles. But we also find it helpful to re-evaluate a business' architecture at strategic moments between growth phases, to ensure that current workflows and internal relationships will continue to serve the business as it evolves. 

For instance, we helped startups founded by engineers and scientists delineate their own roles within their business, prioritize which roles to hire next, and identify what type of sales or marketing specialist would best fit their business' structure, beyond simply knowing their industry.

We also help established small businesses document their business architecture and processes in order to identify intellectual property that could be protected and monetized, opportunities to automate certain processes or replace them with machine learning strategies, build out internal workflows into SaaS offerings, and generally determine whether all parts of the business remain optimized for scale.