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Creating Value,
Achieving Scale

Business Services for Engineering Teams & Engineering Services for Market-Driven Teams

Proper Orange enables small & medium sized businesses to deliver value beyond their capacity as predicted by conventional planning methods.

Full Stack Innovation

Providing Solutions & Strategy

Proper Orange fosters sustainable growth for your small or medium-sized business.

For market-savvy businesses, we provide technology for process improvement and building new products.

For engineering-driven or scientist-driven teams, we provide a range of business services as needed, including CFO services, IP protection, marketing services and sales strategies, early-stage operations, planning, modeling, analysis, and more.

Creating Value Through Technology

Regardless of industry, businesses must rely on technology to drive their future growth. Whether you need to automate processes to improve productivity, or create entirely new software-powered sources of revenue, we develop solutions that extend your reach without risking your reputation.

Our Services

We demystify cutting-edge technologies and harness them to increase efficiency and drive your growth.

Scale is Growth Done Right

Thrive on Change

Whether you’re adding a product, entering a new market, or radically shifting the way you do business, we help you make the most of new initiatives. We’re well-versed in managing uncertainty, navigating constantly shifting business environments, and ultimately turning potential threats into transformational opportunities.

Thought Leaders in Scale

Maximize your resources by preparing for scale as early as possible. Rise to the challenges of rapidly increasing demand with our interdisciplinary approach. We produce coordinated strategies for all aspects of your business, ensuring your capacity to scale across the board.

The Proper Orange mindset is geared towards action and mindful value creation. We want to help launch good ideas into the world, in a way that is sustainable, durable, and profitable.

Our approach is one of radical cohesion. We’re efficient because we like working together, we’ve streamlined our processes through years of collaboration, and at the end of the day, we all align to scale.

We understand the complexity and effort involved in building and sustaining a business, because we’ve done it ourselves, many times. And now we’re bringing our entrepreneurial spirit, rolled-up sleeves, and specialized knowledge to work for you.

A Selection of FAQs

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Where does the name Proper Orange come from?

Orange is confident, cheerful, and sociable. It inspires, vitalizes, and stimulates. Orange is optimistic, fun, and willing to take risks. It’s determined. It’s successful. It possesses the energy of creation. That’s the Proper Orange team in a nutshell. Orange is the color of our values and personalities. And we love the fact that you only get orange by mixing two other colors – because our strength comes from combining all of our unique perspectives.

Approximate Position of Proper Orange

Name: Proper Orange

RGB (Hexadecimal): #EB5924

RGB 0÷255: 235, 89, 36

RGB %: 92.2, 34.9, 14.1

CMYK %: 0, 62, 85, 8

HSL: 16°, 83, 53

CIE-Lab: 57, 54.1, 56.9

Who are your clients?

We value our clients and respects their privacy. So while we can’t “name names,” here are some of the types of personalities and businesses that work with us:

  • Startups and SMBs with 3-75 employees
  • International government agencies
  • Product developers with nationally recognized brands
  • Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winning creatives
  • Top video game developers
  • Research groups from MIT and Harvard

If you have a specific request, rest assured that, with proper confidentiality agreements in place, we can connect you with our clients as needed.

Who do you work with most frequently? Do you have an ideal customer?

While we work with a wide variety of clients, we’ve found that we make the biggest impact for established small or medium-sized businesses with between 10-100 employees, with lots of growth potential, that are seeking to adapt or expand their thinking. Part of our expertise includes analyzing a business’s current assets to identify growth opportunities, and then helping the business implement them strategically.

What does full stack mean to you?

Beyond its roots as a term for software developers, we subscribe to Chris Dixon’s definition of a full stack company. We develop solutions across the entire value chain, from planning to implementation to ongoing logistical management, using technology to mitigate the complex operational challenges that come with launching and managing an end-to-end business.

Our Services in Detail

Expertise + Action

We’re a team of C-level experts in a wide range of business and technology specialties. We’ve successfully launched and scaled numerous businesses ourselves, both as a team and as individuals, and we’re still passionate about rolling up our sleeves and making growth happen.

Outcomes Driven by Collaboration

Whether you’re developing a new product or revenue stream, or planning the long-term future of your business, we provide a wide variety of services to support and extend the capacity of your team. Our specialists complement and build upon your domain knowledge through deep collaboration and quick, purposeful work.

Global Perspective, Personal Approach

From process automation to building strategic alliances, we understand how to innovate within the regulations, standards, and business practices of numerous markets and industries.

We take an individualized approach to each client, using our broad expertise to see the big picture, pick the right tools for the job, and get to work.

Refresh. Transform. Grow.
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