Product Definition

Product Definition ensures that a product is positioned to meet the needs of its target market and is clearly differentiated from its competitors. It includes documentation of product requirements and specifications to ensure that the product is accurately developed and marketed. It may also indicate the need for a varied product line, instead of a single all-purpose product, or reveal possibilities for future development of additional products using components identified in the initial product specification.

Our Approach & Outcomes

A team of veteran college admissions counselors approached us, seeking a new method for sharing their expertise. Our technical team produced an innovative, in-browser assistant for the Common Application™. We worked with these experts in a highly specific field to build a technology solution for the market that they know well, in accordance with a long-range roadmap for the future goals of their business overall. Together, we defined what this product should do and the best way to accomplish those goals through technology, then architected and developed the technology, creating a new form of value out of the experts’ trade secrets in their field.