Software Development

Software development is the process of building or extending a software product, following the structure provided by the product definition and software architecture. Ideally, this process should result in software that functions seamlessly, is easy to augment and upgrade, and is durable in an environment of rapidly-changing industry standards and technological specifications. 

Our Approach & Outcomes

Our software developers work collaboratively with the rest of the Proper Orange team to gain a deep understanding of a product's market and the product's role within a business model and long-term general strategy. This usually involves building the product in ways that will make it easier to scale, such as load-balancing considerations.

We also work strategically and protectively, when developing the product involves implementing trade secrets or other intellectual property into software.

We provide this kind of software development affordably, with versatile programmers who understand and respect the current and future goals of a business, beyond the launch of a single software product.