QA Strategies

Quality Assurance (QA) is, simply put, software testing. QA Strategies should determine the range of supported devices and platforms that must be tested, testing for both success (“does this button do what it should?“) and failure (“does this field correctly handle errors?“). Where possible, we seek to apply automated testing processes in addition to human testing. In addition to testing the software for conformance with the specification, it’s important to plan targeted usability testing to ensure that the product is intuitive for, and usable by, the intended audience. Similar to design, testing is part of the product feedback loop.

Our Approach & Outcomes

We develop QA strategies that preserve functionality, maintain consistently high-quality UX/UI across devices, and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards. This involves a deep understanding of a product's market and how they will interact with the product, the product's architecture and how best to test for weak points within its structure, the timeline for testing product upgrades and expansions, and how much of the necessary QA can be automated.