A Roadmap charts a path for growing a business according to a specific mission and vision. It considers internal factors like a business’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as external factors like threats from competition and market opportunities. As strategies begin to be implemented, this roadmap can be used to evaluate their effectiveness, and, if necessary, determine more effective pathways to reaching clearly defined objectives.

Example of our Outcomes

We've helped mission-driven entrepreneurs develop business models and long-term strategies that not only ensure the viability of their business, but also maintain levels of profitability that allow them to sustain a meaningful commitment to their vision, whether that means keeping their product affordable for the people who need it the most, or fostering the ability to consistently donate a percentage of profits to charity. We also assess whether the business' mission and vision should shape its corporate identity or brand personas. A clearly developed roadmap also ensures that additional market opportunities, product development, and licensing opportunities are only pursued if they align with the business' long-term vision and mission.