Product Market Fit Analysis

Product Market Fit Analysis means defining your product and your target market in such a way that your product resonates with the largest, most receptive market possible, and ensuring that this fit can be maintained despite changes in the business environment. It may also include changing either your product definition or your target market to ensure that the market for your product will continue to grow over time.

Our Approach & Outcomes

Establishing product market fit is the crux of any business strategy. Without product market fit, everything else is an uphill battle. With product market fit, everything else has a sense of flow and purpose, and growth is easier. As a result, analyzing product market fit can involve everything from making minor adjustments to the product definition, to completely re-envisioning the roadmap of the business overall.

Product market fit shapes marketing and sales strategies. The key drivers of product market fit may be intellectual property worth protecting. It also highlights the necessity of ensuring the business' capacity to scale.