SaaS Model Architecture

Making the shift to a Saas (Software as a Service) model involves numerous considerations that differ from developing or augmenting in-house software products. It means offering software that can be accessed anytime, from any location with an internet connection, usually on a subscription model. SaaS architecture determines how the platform will handle multi-tenancy, ensure reliable performance and stability when faced with growing demand, and appropriately manage access to data, including maintaining data security for confidentiality and compliance with industry-specific rules and regulations.

Our Approach & Outcomes

When presented with a concept or product definition, we build SaaS architecture with the capacity to scale from the start. For instance we create UX/UI with deep consideration of current user roles and personae as well as potential new user types that the platform could serve in the future. We develop robust data security protocols, custom-crafted to comply with particular industry and company standards. We incorporate the ability to easily create white label versions or multiple brands for serving a wider market.

We can also take a deep-dive view of your business’s components to identify and develop potential new revenue streams by leveraging existing assets with new technologies and deployment strategies. For instance, we have created new revenue streams for well-functioning businesses by transforming successful internal processes into marketable SaaS offerings.