Product Marketing

Product Marketing paves the way to bring a product to market. A comprehensive product marketing strategy combines consideration of a product’s features and benefits, coordination with sales and customer service team members, and marketing plans that include everything from a messaging platform to planned product launches and more. It ensures that a product’s value is recognized in the market, and that customers get the most out of the product once they’ve purchased it. Above all, product marketing is about understanding the customer, and putting that understanding to work.

Our Approach & Outcomes

We were approached by a team of nutrition researchers with their own wellness app. Together, we developed a two-prong B2B/B2C social media marketing plan with associated web pages delivering targeted messages to both business and consumer markets, multiple sales funnels, and an expanded software architecture that enabled the team to analyze user data and adjust their messaging according to trends in user behavior.

We also provided thorough QA planning and testing, usability advice for multiple user roles, and extensive documentation detailing the app's alignment with the methods and outcomes proven by the team's research.