Documentation of business processes, tools, and workflows is essential for both onboarding new team members and discovering opportunities for improving efficiency. Even processes that seem intuitive to the person who created it can only scale when clearly delineated, with a plan for eventually enabling a hand-off or automation of tasks.

Our Approach & Outcomes

We helped a medical technology startup turn their software prototype into a stable, scalable platform through documenting the workflows in which the software was used, as well as formalizing the architecture of the software itself. We then expanded the software prototype by automating several processes from the documented workflows, improving UX/UI, and developing a complete corporate identity while respecting the copyrights and trademarks of strategic partners. We also established procedures for analyzing data, growing operations, and maintaining continuous QA, all in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Finally, we supported implementation of a B2B approach to marketing the product, including software license management and white label solution development.